Enterprise Architecture Methodologies

Recently I was asked a simple question:

In my opinion which is the best IT Enterprise Architecture methodology?

I found a great article, while written in 2007, remains relevant today.  Perhaps lacking some newer Cloud-based examples, the article is still a must read for any IT Enterprise Architecting.  The article looks at four Enterprise Architecture methodologies, which include:

  • Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architectures
  • The Open Group Architecture...
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Microsoft Cloud IT architecture resources

For those seeking really good Microsoft Cloud services architectural material should try looking reading through the following and selecting the link below..

These architecture tools and posters give you information about Microsoft cloud services and platforms, including Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Intune, private cloud data centre, and hybrid on-premises and cloud solutions.

The materials are good for IT decision makers and architects alike and the resources can...

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MIcrosoft Office 365 data residency option

Recently Microsoft announced the launch of their new UK data centres located in London, Durham and Cardiff, which were originally announced last November.  This makes Microsoft the first major tech giant to open a UK-based data centre, which can now offer UK businesses cloud services.

It’s impossible to talk about data centre locations without discussing data residency.  This is the concept that digital data is subject to the laws of the country in which its stored.  For most...

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